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Sleeping Peonies – dreamrrz (39 plays)

dreamrrz // Sleeping Peonies // s l o w l y d i s a p p e a r i n g [2012]

Sleeping Peonies experiment with the boundaries of black metal and shoegaze with impressive drama and emotion. Carefully crafted crescendoes form layers of thick atmosphere and feelings of nostalgia. They are soon to release a split with Clouds Collide, who I have previously posted about here

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Airs – Adrift (0 plays)

Adrift // Airs // Adore [2013]

I was introduced to this duo by a friend and I am so glad I took the time to check them out. Originally an instrumental project, Airs have adopted a shoegaze aesthetic with the additional dimension of vocals that seem to vary from soft to screaming. This may be the result of more contemporary influences, as they are fans of bands such as Pianos Become the Teeth and Beau Navire. The resulting sound is both dynamic and beautiful.

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elvis depressedly – pepsi/coke suicide (69 plays)

Pepsi/Coke Suicide // Elvis Depressedly // Holo Pleasures

Tragic beauty seems to flow through any track by Elvis Depressedly. This slow and eerie project (edit: not solo project, I should do better research, ha) becoming quite popular. With its slow and easy listening qualities, this is understandable. The instrumentals drown out a lot of the vocals, but the lyrics are definitely worth giving a second look. 

dream my fears come true as i’m trying

to feel alright

i’ve become a catacomb of secrets

fucked up inside

live the lie until everyone believes it

somehow survive

lying in the heart of my weakness

until i die

i remember becoming winter

haunted by light

true love turned to sickness in my body

stayed up all night

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Song for Comedians // Bedhed // The Destruction Manual [2013]

Bedhed is a one-man emo project from LA. ‘Song for Comedians’ is a track from the new album which is only available for streaming presently. If you like Jawbreaker and ‘kvlt’ aesthetics, definitely check out the new album or past releases that include Sickbreaker and a split with Merry Christmas.

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Also, there is a lovely cover of Behed’s track ‘Please Tell Me’ by Justin Conway which you should definitely listen to and enjoy here

Pilgrimage – Police, Don't Shoot Me (9 plays)

Police, Don’t Shoot Me // Pilgrimage // Self Titled EP [2013]

A post rock/post hardcore band from Florida (not to be confused with 90s black metal band of the same name), their sound is soft but quite passionate. With this kind of blurred genre identity, I understand that they won’t please everyone. Their style definitely has value and can be further developed in future releases. 

As quoted on their FB page: “Pilgrimage melt genres like a 3 cheese pizza of deliciousness” - Plenty of Swords 

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You can download the EP for free here.

(9 plays)

San Andrea // Sed Non Satiata // Mappö

Just a quick reminder: Sed Non Satiata, the amazing French screamo band, has just released this new track as a teaser for the upcoming album, which will be released in June. If you’re not familiar with their past releases, check out Le Ciel de Notre Enfance and their split with Daïtro.  

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██████ (nic) // Demo EP (2013)

A post black metal band from the Czech Republic, ██████ claim to have no name. The four track EP is quite chaotic, with moments of relief that speak more of post rock/screamo nuances. The intro to ‘III’, in particular, is pleasantly dynamic and the change in pace allows the listener to refocus and emphasis to be placed on the vocals.

Another lovely band that I hope continues in this beautiful, experimental direction.  

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Download their 2013 Demo here.


A first sneak peek into the creation of Sunbather. 

Directed by Bryan Proteau (

Edited by Bryn Owens 

Planning For Burial – Warm But Empty (9 plays)

Warm But Empty // Planning For Burial // Quietly

Planning For Burial,
  a part of the flawless Enemies List Home Recordings family, is a slowcore/gloom solo project that is given weight by its personal and honest approach. The existential concerns of its creator seem to produce beautiful, and sometimes sparse, sounds that slowly unfold and develop in organic blooms. The increase in tours, merch, internet presence and dedication will hopefully result in further success for this, mostly, underrated artist.

Check out both releases - "Leaving" and "Quietly".  

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Birds // Eris Flies Tonight // Live @ XB, Berlin, 12/09/12

Eris Flies Tonight
are a band I’ve been interested in since their Rehearsal Room Demo, released in 2011. Named after the Suis La Lune song of the same name, they are delicate screamo band from Berlin, Germany. They casually announced their hiatus via Facebook late last year, but seemed to have stopped on a high after realising the "Solitary EP" (the inspiration for this blog’s name). Containing two parts, the EP clearly shows the potential and value of the band. I hope they find a new drummer and continue on soon.

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